Replacement car key

This poor Fiesta was stolen/recovered. The keys had been tossed by the thief, who had also smashed the window. We were called to make a replacement transponder key so the rightful owners could drive it home. We also erased the missing key so that it can’t be used to steal the car again.

Replacement Ford Fiesta key
Replacement car key made on site

Paxton Switch2 system installed

Here is the proximity reader for a Paxton Switch2 access control system we installed recently.  They have many different styles of reader/keypads available.

Switch2 is more suitable for external use than the Compact system. This is because the Switch2 control unit is mounted inside the building, rather than being in the reader/keypad itself as in the Compact. Therefore Compact systems are normally only fitted internally.

If you need audit-trail, time-sheets, anti-passback etc, then look at the Paxton Net2 or 10 systems

Paxton access control installation
Paxton access control reader.

Heel – toe adjusting a badly fitting UPVC door.

Here is a old, badly fitting UPVC door.  It was sagging badly on its hinges, hitting the frame so it wouldn’t close. The hinges were non adjustable, so the the only option was to remove the glass and repack the door panels.  By packing the panels on the diagonal (heel – toeing) it shifts the door back into square with the frame.

Adjusting badly fitting UPVC door
Adjust ill fitting UVPC door by heel – toe method.

Making a church key

making a church key
Mid way through hand filing key. (Chubb key below for scale).

This 18th century lock is off a Forest of Dean historic church. It had its only key stolen and a replacement was needed. A cast iron blank was initially shaped on a grinder. It was then hand filed to pass the centre warding.

Initial grinding of cast iron blank
Church lock
Boxed rimlock. removed from door.

Cutting a car key

Here is a clip of cutting a car key. This is a VW T5 Transporter key. If you’ve lost your key, there clearly isn’t a key to copy.  If you don’t have the keycard, we can use special tools to decode the lock. We then send these settings to a computerised CNC cutting machine to cut the key.

Cutting VW T5 key

August's draw giveaway is a 'surf key' (non transponder key to open/lock the doors) for your vehicle. Simply like, share or comment to be in with a change of winning. (If you win, I'll send the key to a work/friend/relative's address where the van IS NOT kept – for obvious reasons). Winner will need to send a good quality photograph of their key for decoding).

Posted by Ross-Dean Locksmiths on Sunday, 30 July 2017


VW transponder
See that chip on the end of the key? That’s the transponder that the immobiliser needs to recognise before the car will start. If it isn’t the right chip already programmed into the car, then it won’t start. This particular chip is a VW ID48, sat on a HU66 key.

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