Replacement car keys for Honda Jazz

Customer only ever had  1 key for their Honda Jazz, and when they lost that key their car was immobilised in a pay and display car park. We made a new key in situ, and also made their first remote key since having the car.  

That time of year again.

As Winter turns to Spring, or Autumn turns to winter there is always a peak in the number of UPVC door mechanisms failing. If your door is difficult to lock or unlock, get your door adjusted before the mechanism breaks and jams the door locked or unlocked.

Corrective adjustment of a UPVC door before it breaks is much cheaper than a repair.

UPVC door mechanisms waiting for the scrap man.


Faulty UPVC window mechanism.

A customer’s UPVC window wouldnt open. It’s obvious why when you look at the photo. There were 4 or 5 other bits of broken cog but I dropped them in long grass.

This is a Coldseal Tallon mechanism. It was discontinued many years ago. To replace it a completely different mechanism has to be adapted in order to repair the UPVC window.

Coldseal Tallon
Broken upvc window mechanism

Repairing Land Rover Freelander remote

Land Rover Freelander 2 remote repair. These remotes do not have an easily replaced battery. It’s actually soldered onto the circuit board. It isn’t a difficult job to replace the battery, but be very careful what your’re touching with the heat gun/soldering iron – especially if you’ve only got the one remote.

Freelander 2 remote repair
Remote repairs

Yet another example of why to get your UPVC door adjusted

Imagine the scene… your UPVC door has been awkward to lock/unlock for a few weeks.  You’ve been out all day with the family, but you can’t open the door. You’re all locked out, standing in the street until you can get hold of a locksmith to let you in.

The strain caused by the door being badly adjusted has caused the gearbox to break inside the door.  It’s a really common problem.

If you doors aren’t smooth to lock/unlock; either get it sorted, or be prepared for the mechanism inside to fail completely.

upvc door repair
Having opened the jammed door the faulty gearbox is now being replaced.

Car lock repair

Customer bought a car that needed different a different key for the ignition to the driver’s door. This is rebuilding the customer’s door lock to match all the other locks on the vehicle

car lock repair
Rebuilding a VW polo lock to use the same key as the ignition and  boot. 

Yale Conexis smart lock

We now stock and install the Yale Conexis smart lock.

Open either using your phone, key tag, phone tag or key card. Send ‘mobile keys’ remotely to anybody who needs access. (These can be set for a time period, or revoked as necessary).

Take a look at the video below to see some of the capabilities of this lock.

Access controller

This is starting to fault find an access controlled door that was not locking. The Bewator K44 controller (pictured below) and the door release buttons were found to be working fine. The problem was in the magnetic lock mounted above the door.Bewator access controller

British Standard UPVC locks.

Most UPVC doors use a type of lock called a Euro cylinder.  I estimate less than 10% of houses in my area have BS kitemarked cylinders. The bulk of the other 90% of locks are to be frank ….. rubbish.

BS locks can also have additional ratings or certifications such as  1 to 3 stars, or the Sold Secure Diamond.

Below is a video of a high end BS cylinder. We supply and fit these Ultion locks if the customer wants one of the strongest locks available.



Steel security container

Keys had been lost to this steel security container. It had 8mm thick steel doors and the customer specified the door had to be opened withNon destructive entry forest of deanout  any damage.






The locks were so seized they couldn’t be open with regular tools on the first visit. We finally unlocked it  with a tool made by GJ Locks (thanks guys!) specifically for this lock.

Locksmith Forest of dean
GJ Locks make up key in one of the removed locks.


The key holes needed to be filed wider to get the tool in, and other fiddling (such as clearing the dead insects out, and an extra person needed to push the door back against the frame).