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Most external doors and windows produced today are UPVC or composite double glazed. We are specialists in repairing and improving all types of UPVC and composite doors, windows and double glazing. Repairing or renovating a UPVC door or window is normally far cheaper than replacing the entire thing.

If you are near Ross on Wye or Forest of Dean and your UPVC or composite door or window is broken, sticking or faulty then give us a ring for a free quote. As the weather changes you may find your doors being difficult to open or close. If you don't get your door adjusted the mechanism may fail completely in the locked or unlocked position.


• UPVC door and window repair. Replacement hinges, locks, handles, mechanisms.
• Replacement glass for smashed, cracked, misted windows.
• Upgrading glazing to meet higher safety regulations.
• Repairing or replacing hinges, mechanisms and handles.
• Fitting additional vents, child locks or restrictors.
• Remedying draughty/whistling windows.
• Fitting fire escape hinges to UPVC windows.
• Adjusting badly fitting or sticking UPVC doors and patio doors.
• Upgrading windows to reduce vulnerability to being prised out the frame.

If you've any problem with a door or window, or just have query please call.