Ford Fiesta key

Typically an old, worn Tibbe key will have a similarly worn lock too. This is a Fiesta lock being stripped down. Normally the dustcover has badly worn and will grab a newly cut key and make it difficult, or impossible to remove from the lock.

You can gently chamfer the key so that that the key can pull out, or just remove the dust cover and keep the key sharp. 

Access controller

This is starting to fault find an access controlled door that was not locking. The Bewator K44 controller (pictured below) and the door release buttons were found to be working fine. The problem was in the magnetic lock mounted above the door.Bewator access controller

Shiny pink car remote.

Broken Nissan remote replaced for a new water resistant flip remote.  Customer chose one in pink. Other colours and styles available.
Replacement car remote

This style car remote is available in black, pink, blue, green and yellow. Other style remotes are mostly black.

EEPROM programming replacement car key

There are several methods of producing a new transponder (chip) car key.  It is far easier and cheaper to copy an existing car key but if you’ve lost all the keys it is often possible to program a new key diagnostically. If that can’t be done it may be necessary to remove the immobiliser (aka ECU, EWS) and write information directly to the chip on the board.  This may require stripping off your dashboard or clocks to get to it.

In this picture we are EEPROM programming a new key into a Fiat Punto immobiliser.

car key programming
EEPROM programming a Fiat ECU

Skoda Fabia key

A dealer needed an extra key for a car that was being collected that afternoon. He couldn’t wait the week for a dealer key, and didn’t want to pay dealer prices either.  This era Skoda uses the same keys and transponders as VW, Seat and some Porsche.

Replacement skoda key
Skoda Fabia key

There are 4 main ways to provide replacement car keys. Cloning the existing chip. EEPROM programming a new chip into the ECU/IMMO. OBD programming into the ECU/IMMO. Dealer only keys.

Cutting a car key

Here is a clip of cutting a car key. This is a VW T5 Transporter key. If you’ve lost your key, there clearly isn’t a key to copy.  If you don’t have the keycard, we can use special tools to decode the lock. We then send these settings to a computerised CNC cutting machine to cut the key.

The type of key cutting machine we use cuts a new key to code i.e. to the exact depths and measurements that it came new. A typical high street shop key machine is a trace cutter, that effectively just gives you another worn key that looks shiny.

Using a CNC machine means an auto locksmith can cut you a key even you don’t have a key to copy. There are several methods they can use to figure out how the missing key should be cut.