• I have locked myself out, can you help? Yes, we have various methods for opening houses and buildings. Ideally we’ll open the lock without damage. If you’ve lost the keys (or the keys have been stolen) it may be sensible to fit a new lock.
  • I have locked my car keys inside or in the boot, can you help? Yes, we are able to open most vehicles on the market without damage (and without needing to bend the door open).
  • I am at a friend’s house but they are out. Can you let me in? We will only gain entry for the property owner, registered tenant, warrant holder or emergency services.
  • Why are car keys so expensive when I can get a key cut for a few pounds? – Because of the anti-theft electronics in the key and the car. The metal part of the key on its own will not start modern vehicles. It is almost always cheaper to get a spare/duplicate key BEFORE you’ve lost all your keys than it is afterwards.

We provide locksmith services to Ross on Wye, Forest of Dean, Monmouth, Lydney and Coleford. South Herefordshire, East Monmouthshire, West Gloucestershire.