Misted ‘blown’ double glazing replacement

When double glazing becomes misty or full of condensation it is an indication that the seal between the glass has failed. A blown double glazed panel also won’t be as thermally efficient.

Below is an example of the improvement achieved by replacing a misty double glazed unit.

misty double glazing
Misty ‘blown’ double glazing
Replacement double glazing
Replaced double glazed unit

Double glazed units come in several thicknesses. This is set by the UPVC frame that you have. To increase the insulation of the glass you’ll be looking for coated glass and argon filled. Coated glass such as ‘Low E’ will have the benefit of being cooler in summer as it can reflect solar radiation.

Panels that are low to the floor will probably have to be BS or toughened glass. This is to protect children who may run into it and otherwise shatter the glass into dangerous shards.

Yet another example of why to get your UPVC door adjusted

Imagine the scene… your UPVC door has been awkward to lock/unlock for a few weeks.  You’ve been out all day with the family, but you can’t open the door. You’re all locked out, standing in the street until you can get hold of a locksmith to let you in.

The strain caused by the door being badly adjusted has caused the gearbox to break inside the door. The door is now jammed shut.  It’s a really common problem.

If you doors aren’t smooth to lock/unlock; either get it sorted, or be prepared for the mechanism inside to fail completely.

upvc door repair
Having opened the jammed door the faulty gearbox is now being replaced.