Replacement VW van key.

This job was to replace lost keys for an imported Brazilian VW Transporter. Despite being long discontinued in Europe, this particular model continued to be made in South America. The first stage (before EEPROM programming a new transponder into the immobiliser) is to make the metal key blade.

The vehicle had sat for several years without moving.  We couldn’t manage to decode the locks on the vehicle using a special tool or by impressioning. The importers were unable to provide key information so the only option was to remove the steering wheel,  remove the steering lock then strip the entire ignition lock.

Measuring for the correct point before drilling through the case.
Drilling through the lock case to expose the release button.
Lock is then picked to accessory position exposing the retaining pin on the tail piece, which is then hammered out to free the barrel
Individual wafers removed to be identified (coil springs still in the barrel).
New key cut to the correct code.