Fitting a cat flap to UPVC door

Not posted anything for a while. Let’s see how long winded fitting a cat flap can be. Customer’s cats wanted a flap fitting but the design of the door prevented a simple installation. The door needed adaptation from a 3 panel/2 bar lower section to a single section panel.

cat flap fitting
Door in original state. 3 panel/2 bar lower section. Panels too narrow to accept a flap.
cat flap fitting
Glass removed to access lower bar securing screws. Lower panels removed. The grey stuff on the frame is the old glazing tape which had to be cut in order to remove the panels. On externally beaded doors and windows either glazing tape or security clips should be fitted to prevent the glass being removed from outside.
locksmith cat flap fitting
Mitre jointing the old beading to fit the size of the new panel. This ensures a neat 45 degree join at the corners.
Locksmith cat flap fitting
New panel fitted (flap already installed). Glass refitted. Door checked for alignment. Cat shown how to use the flap and allowed to read the instructions.