Snapped key in truck ignition

This remnant of a snapped key is about to be finally removed from a truck ignition barrel. Whenever the broken key extractor kit needs to come out, it is almost always dark and raining.

Locksmith Ross on Wye. Removing snapped car key
Pulling snapped key from ignition barrel

We use dedicated broken key extraction tools to remove snapped parts of key. Sometimes it may need 2 or 3 tools in the lock to get the part out. Occasionally it will be necessary to remove the lock and strip it down to remove the broken part.

To replace the key it may be possible just to clamp the broken parts together in a trace-cutter. Or failing that the key can be read by eye or software or cut from code. In many cases it is possible to decode the lock and get a reading from that. In most cases it is possible to cut a new key even if parts or all of the original key are missing.