Alternative to expensive BMW, Volvo and VW slot remotes

The type of dash remote that slots into the dashboard of some BMW, Volvo and VW can be very expensive to replace. If you currently only have 1 remote and don’t want to potentially pay several hundred pounds for an emergency replacement, you don’t have to.

If you just need a backup in case you lose your only remote there is a much cheaper alternative. It is called a dashpod. With a manual key and a transponder chip programmed to your car, a dashpod can be used to open the vehicle and start it. A dashpod can even get wet as there is no circuitry or battery inside to become damaged like a remote. Admittedly it doesn’t look as nice as a remote, but it can get you home if you’ve lost your only remote. And it’s probably at least £100 cheaper than a spare remote that might actually never be needed and may just sit in a drawer.

VW Passat emergency dashpod and key
VW Passat dashpod (left) we supplied and programmed as a backup to the remote.
Volvo XC emergency dashpod key
This Volvo dashpod is awaiting a new home.

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