Replacement car keys

If you’ve lost a car key you can get another without going to an approved dealer. Many showrooms will tell you that only they can program replacement car keys for that brand of vehicle – that is often incorrect. It is likely than an independent auto locksmith can make a new key/remote for you. Some dealerships may take a week to obtain a replacement key. We can provide many keys from stock.

If you already have a remote it may be possible to just do the cheaper spare option of a chipped (transponder) key without buttons. (A chipped key will often suffice for EU/US vehicles. Asian vehicles may often need a remote to cancel the alarm).

Until the particular nearby branches in Gloucestershire closed I used to do keys for 2 different franchised dealerships because we produced keys quicker and cheaper for their own vehicles than their own technicians could do them.

Nobody can do all vehicles from every manufacturer, but it’s worth asking.

Replacement car keys and remotes
Alfa Romeo and Fiat compatible remotes awaiting programming

We’re based in Forest of Dean / Ross and Wye but no matter where you are in the country, give your local independent auto locksmith (not one associated with a high street cat collar engravers and key cutters) a call if you need a spare or replacement car key programming.

If you’ve only got one car key now is the time to consider getting a spare cut and programmed.

Aftermarket Range Rover remote programming
Aftermarket Range Rover remote key replacement