Yale Conexis smart lock

We now stock and install the Yale Conexis smart lock.

Open either using your phone, key tag, phone tag or key card. Send ‘mobile keys’ remotely to anybody who needs access. (These can be set for a time period, or revoked as necessary).

Take a look at the video below to see some of the capabilities of this lock.

Access controller

This is starting to fault find an access controlled door that was not locking. The Bewator K44 controller (pictured below) and the door release buttons were found to be working fine. The problem was in the magnetic lock mounted above the door.Bewator access controller

British Standard UPVC locks.

Most UPVC doors use a type of lock called a Euro cylinder.  I estimate less than 10% of houses in my area have BS kitemarked cylinders. The bulk of the other 90% of locks are to be frank ….. rubbish.

BS locks can also have additional ratings or certifications such as  1 to 3 stars, or the Sold Secure Diamond.

Below is a video of a high end BS cylinder. We supply and fit these Ultion locks if the customer wants one of the strongest locks available.

An important thing to consider is the lock length.  The lock should not be sticking out of the exterior handles more than a few mm, ideally it should be flush.  A lock that is too long on the outside leaves you more vulnerable to burglary.

Another common mistake you’ll see it the handles fitted the wrong way. If your screw holes are on the outside of the door then they’ve been fitted incorrectly. Again this is a security weakness.

Steel security container

Keys had been lost to this steel security container. It had 8mm thick steel doors and the customer specified the door had to be opened withNon destructive entry forest of deanout  any damage.






The locks were so seized they couldn’t be open with regular tools on the first visit. We finally unlocked it  with a tool made by GJ Locks (thanks guys!) specifically for this lock.

Locksmith Forest of dean
GJ Locks make up key in one of the removed locks.


The key holes needed to be filed wider to get the tool in, and other fiddling (such as clearing the dead insects out, and an extra person needed to push the door back against the frame).





Most mortice locks can be opened with a universal tool but because of the state of the locks and strain on the door I couldn’t manage it without the GJ too.

Shiny pink car remote.

Broken Nissan remote replaced for a new water resistant flip remote.  Customer chose one in pink. Other colours and styles available.
Replacement car remote

This style car remote is available in black, pink, blue, green and yellow. Other style remotes are mostly black.

Snapped car key replacement

A customer called late at night with the end of the key snapped off in the car door.  The key was badly worn and had not been turning without force and jiggling.  Finally the key snapped. Customer thought he would need new locks.

The key was extracted from the lock. A new key was then cut with a computerised machine which cut to the measurements the original key when it was brand new. The new key worked smoothly, new locks weren’t needed and customer could drive away happy.

This is the snapped key held together in the trace cutting jig.  It was necessary to reproduce a one piece copy of the snapped key. Only a key in one piece could be decoded by the computerised cutting machine.

Sometimes if used with a worn key over a period of time a lock will wear too.  In such a situation you might be advised to get a new lock too.

Master Proseries 6327padlock removal

We’d only supplied this lock last month but somebody snapped a key off, then pushed the broken part even further in with an old nail. It was impossible to remove the snapped part. This is the larger body size of the Master Pro Series padlocks.

We had to do a destructive removal of this chunky padlock. It was a right pain to get off, and I was very impressed with the amount resistance it put up.  Getting it off was neither quick, nor quiet.  Well done this lock.

Insufficient lock for the job

We were asked to secure a commercial premises following a break in. The existing lock on the external door was a 3 lever, only really suitable for an internal door or bathroom, certainly not the main entrance.

Because of the badly fitted door the original lock bolt only entered the keep by about 2mm. The burglar simply pushed the door and the frame apart to get in.

A BS (British Standard) 2007 mortice lock has a minimum bolt throw of 20mm and makes it much more difficulty to prise door and frame apart.  In addition there are specifications for minimum key differs, sawing and drill resistance.

locksmith lock replacement
Original lock in grey. Replacement lock in red.


BS bolt in comparison with generic 3 lever bolt

Recovery from a ditch!

Note to self: Don’t let your van slide backwards down a hill into a ditch on a bank holiday. Fortunately shops open again today so could buy myself a winch.

Locksmith forest of dean
Slid backwards down a customer’s drive into a ditch.

Repairing and making a key for a chapel rimlock

This antique rimlock was taken off a chapel undergoing renovation.  The key was lost back in the depths of time and the owner wanted to keep as much of the original fabric as possible.

The bolt and the stump needed hammering flat as vandals had damaged it during a break in years ago. The mainspring was completely snapped and needed replacing.  A similar era salvaged key was hand filed to work in the lock.

rim lock, lock repair
Inside of lock. (Bolt already removed for hammering flat again. Most of the rubbish and spiders already cleared out).

rim lock, church lock repair
Lock with new key (obscured under penny for security reasons). Original broken mainspring below the hand file.