Jammed UPVC door.

A customer’s UPVC door had not worked since they moved in several months previously. It had clearly been a problem for years as previous owners had bodged it shut with old fashioned garden gate bolts.

multipoint gearbox

When you see state of the gearbox is it’s no wonder the UPVC door wouldn’t open. For us to open the door required removing the glass, and several other steps. A new gearbox was fitted, the door aligned and the customer now has a fully working door.

Recently a landlord had been told by their managing agent that a jammed door would need a complete replacement door fitting. We were able to open and repair the door for probably 1/10th or less of the price of fitting a complete new one.

If your UPCV door is becoming difficult to lock it will probably only get worse. It may only need correctly aligning. This in turn may prevent the mechanism from breaking – saving you money.