UPVC door repair

We were called to repair a set of UPVC French doors. The door wouldn’t lock because the multipoint mechanism had broken. This was caused by the door swinging open with such force against the wall that it was ripping the door off its hinges. This in turn caused the door to drop out of alignment.

UPVC door hinge
Hinges damaged due to door swinging open
UPVC door repair

Because of the failed gearbox the customer had temporarily secured the doors by tying the handles together with a shoelace.

If you are experiencing any difficulty locking a UPVC door, 90% of the time it is due to mis-alignment. Unless you get the door correctly adjusted the gearbox will fail. This will result in a door jammed shut, or cannot be locked.

Replacement Ford car keys.

Not much going on here at the moment. Most people are already locked down at home so they’re not losing car keys or locking themselves out.

Here are some pictures of the replacement of keys for a ’93 Ford barn find. There were no keys with the vehicle. It is possible to make a key without having to strip the lock but I wanted to clean inside the lock as the old grease was like treacle.

VW ignition lock
Stripped VW ignition lock

COVID-19. We are open.

Locked in? Locked out? Unable to secure your property? If you need an emergency locksmith we will still aim to help you whilst maintaining social distancing and taking necessary precautions.

If your routine maintenance can wait until the risk is lower then please wait!

During this special period our locksmith services cover Mitcheldean, Cinderford, Coleford, Ross on Wye and the Forest of Dean in general.

Look after the vulnerable. Help where possible. Stay safe.

Fitting a cat flap to UPVC door

Not posted anything for a while. Let’s see how long winded fitting a cat flap can be. Customer’s cats wanted a flap fitting but the design of the door prevented a simple installation. The door needed adaptation from a 3 panel/2 bar lower section to a single section panel.

cat flap fitting
Door in original state. 3 panel/2 bar lower section. Panels too narrow to accept a flap.
cat flap fitting
Glass removed to access lower bar securing screws. Lower panels removed.
locksmith cat flap fitting
Mitre jointing the old beading to fit the new panel
Locksmith cat flap fitting
Cat flap fitting

Non destructive gain entry of British Standard mortice

Mortice lock opening - non destructive. Locksmith Ross on Wye

We picked this British Standard 5 lever lock to open a commercial premises for the client. The main key had been lost and the spare key was several hours away.

BS locks are designed to be difficult to open without the key. They have to have a certain number of possible keys, a minimum specific time for a cutting attack on the bolt, and various other limits. They certainly aren’t easy to pick unless you know what you’re doing. This lock is a Union Strongbolt and is one of the more common locks.

Replacement car keys.

Here are a few keys and remotes that  we’ve programmed recently

Vauxhall Zafira remote


Pink remote chosen for a Ford Fiesta
Old and new Range Rover Vogue remote

Modern vehicles have immobilisers fitted to prevent theft. These immobilisers look for a transponder chip in the key or the remote. It must be the exact same chip programmed into the vehicle for it to start. Although somebody else’s key may open your locks (a slim possibility) it will not start your vehicle unless your immobiliser has been previously been programmed to accept it. The metal part of the key is very cheap to replicate. To replace the transponder can involve quite a lot of work.

The latest type vehicles with smart remotes that you can keep in your pocket are actually quite vulnerable to theft. It is possible that a thief can steal your vehicle if your remote is in range. These smart / proximity remotes should not be kept within range of your vehicle. Keep them at the back of the house, or invest in a blocker bag, or metal box.

Misted ‘blown’ double glazing replacement

When double glazing becomes misty or full of condensation it is an indication that the seal between the glass has failed. A blown double glazed panel also won’t be as thermally efficient.

Below is an example of the improvement achieved by replacing a misty double glazed unit.

misty double glazing
Misty ‘blown’ double glazing
Replacement double glazing
Replaced double glazed unit

Double glazed units come in several thicknesses. This is set by the UPVC frame that you have. To increase the insulation of the glass you’ll be looking for coated glass and argon filled. Coated glass such as ‘Low E’ will have the benefit of being cooler in summer as it can reflect solar radiation.

Panels that are low to the floor will probably have to be BS or toughened glass. This is to protect children who may run into it and otherwise shatter the glass into dangerous shards.

Replacement car keys for Honda Jazz

Customer only ever had  1 key for their Honda Jazz, and when they lost that key their car was immobilised in a pay and display car park. We made a new key in situ, and also made their first remote key since having the car.  

That time of year again.

As Winter turns to Spring, or Autumn turns to winter there is always a peak in the number of UPVC door mechanisms failing. If your door is difficult to lock or unlock, get your door adjusted before the mechanism breaks and jams the door locked or unlocked.

Corrective adjustment of a UPVC door before it breaks is much cheaper than a repair.

UPVC door mechanisms waiting for the scrap man.